Is your pc/mac running slow?

Does it take forever to start up? After awhile, your computer can start to run slower due to a variety of reasons.  Sign up for our on-site computer $125 "tune-up"


Have many different digital issues?

Sign up for an in-home computer consultationMake a list of your digital issues, we will solve ALL of your digital problems such as printer/pc set up and virus removal !

How's your Digital Health ?

Save A LOT of  $$ per month ! Now's the best time to drop landline/cable! Find out about the latest streaming options! Let Flush-IT show you the way ! Sign up for an in home "Digital health" $125 consultation today


Have Internet

issues ?

Have problems connecting? Does your Wi-fi Network cut out when you go to a different floor in your house or outside in your backyard? Let Flush-IT help !

Digital Leaks? No problem.

Is your mobile life out of sync? 

Get help for all your Apple/Android mobile devices, phones, tablets, etc. Sync your calendars, shopping and honey-do list today. Contact Flush-IT to get your life into sync

Smart Home


Need help setting up Webcams/Nanny, SONOS, NEST or any other more smart home devices ? Contact Flush-IT to assist

Cloud Services

Protect your important files on ALL your devices w/ our custom network backup storage solution. Contact Flush-IT for details!

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With all the Digital/electronic products that everybody has accumulated in their houses, sometimes things get clogged up, Are you subscribed to the right services, are you using the most cost effective, efficient equipment ?

Most home users of technology do not understand the big technology picture of their house, so they make bad decisions on software/hardware  buys, the tools they use, and how they use them !

Contact LAD Communication's & Technology for you digital problem needs, whatever they might be !!

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Drop Cable TV/Phone carrier, Save w/ free HDTV & streaming

There never has been a better time to drop your cable and landline providers, the alternatives are endless ! Want to explore ways to decrease your landline, wireless and cable bills? In this highly informative and interactive class, you will find out about new technologies like Roku, Apple TV, Tivo & Hulu. You will find out how to get free HDTV channels and select the proper HD antenna for your area. You will learn how to communicate via FaceTime, Ooma & Google Voice to replace your landline phone, saving money and giving you piece of mind from telemarketers and scams. You will learn how to pick the proper cell phone plan for your family to share minutes and data. In this 1:25 hour course, you will also learn about the improving your wi-fi/cellular signal in your home, resources to measure your wi-fi strength and tips on proper surge protection to protect your TV's, computers, routers, printers and MUCH MORE!